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Gary R. Skuse, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant and Managing Member

Consulting services specializing in:

  • Interpretation of forensic DNA test results
  • Preparation of educational test materials
    • High school and college levels.
  • Technical writing
    • US and European patent applications
    • Scientific manuscripts
    • Books
    • Applications for grants and contracts
  • Biotechnology
    • Research and education
  • Bioinformatics
    • Research and education
  • Network design
    • Practical implementations of computing resources (clusters with up to 104 cpus).
  • Linux security
    • Install and maintain IDS, IPS, bridge firewalls and network monitoring systems.

Dr. Gary Skuse is professor of Biological Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  He received his B.A. in Biology from the University of Rochester and Ph.D. in Biology (Developmental Genetics) from Syracuse University.  He followed that with postdoctoral training in Molecular Virology at Harvard Medical School and spent more than a decade on the faculty of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

While at the University of Rochester, Dr. Skuse studied the genetics of a common disease which predisposes affected individuals to tumors of the central and peripheral nervous systems.  He has co-authored several US and European patents, written and edited professional books, published numerous scientific articles and has served as the Chief Information Officer and founding partner of a scientific information and services provider.

He also provides consulting services to a number of local, national and international clients in the areas of human genetics, biotechnology, forensic DNA analysis, information management and communications as the Principal Consultant at Biocom Services, LLC.  To date he has consulted on nearly 300 criminal cases for local, regional and federal defense attorneys (please see the case log for details).

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Current curriculum vitae

Forensic Implications of DNA and Privacy published in The Champion April 2015.