Biocom Services, LLC

Testimonials from satisfied clients.

The following is a sample of the feedback received from clients.


I think if anything it should result in you being retained for basically anything and everything from now on”

 ”We could not have done it without you.  Thank you!!!”

“My DNA expert Gary Skuse worked very hard and created questions for me of prosecution DNA expert reviewed all DNA evidence helped design defense of lack of DNA evidence and testified as my witness. …He was worth 5 times the fee, he assisted greatly in the not guilty verdict.”

“As for your testifying in Albany County, I happened to speak to the attorney just yesterday and he was very pleased by and impressed with your work.”

“For my part, I want you to know that I thought your work on this case and your testimony today was absolutely exemplary.  You gave me a defense to an indefensible case.”

 ”I need you to save us tomorrow…not guilty on all counts, 35 min…I can’t thank you enough.”

Thanks for all your help.  Your testimony really made the defense case winnable.”

“Your time and willingness to teach me were worth far more than” the fee you charged.  “Thanks for your help.”

“You performed a miracle on that one.”

“So your counsel and advice that I was able to utilize on my cross  examination of the NYSP lab scientist turned out to be what I believe  was the deciding factor... “

“I don't think that without speaking with you on this so extensively that I would have been able to hammer the point home as effectively, so on  behalf of myself and my client..... thank you very much!”

We lost our appeal on this a month or two ago. (Even though everyone concedes you were right.)

That was a great explanation and I will follow up and be in touch with you shortly.  Thanks, You are great 

Thank you for the crash course on DNA, and, in particular, the Q&A that you provided.  It was of considerable assistance in cross-examining the DNA lab analysts.

“Your testimony was amazing.”