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Testimonials from satisfied clients.

Speaking Availability

Dr. Skuse has given countless presentations to audiences throughout the US and internationally.  He has effectively taught more than 50 unique courses at several universities to students at the undergraduate, graduate and medical school levels so he has the proven ability to gauge his audience and customize presentations in a manner that optimizes understanding.

In addition, Dr. Skuse has considerable experience working with groups of attorneys who need to gain a better understanding of the role of DNA in the court room.  Attendees of a recent national meeting left the following comments about his presentation.

“Fabulous presentation!  Very needed”

“Dr. Skuse in a clear fashion, educated his audience in a fitting way, putting a somewhat scary theme (to the uninitiated) in laymen’s (and understandable) terms.”

“Gary is a terrific presenter who makes it simple to understand DNA.  This was a great session”

“Very helpful and useful.  We need more presenters who present and help understand the science.  This session was useful in de-mystifying the area.”

If you are interested in obtaining Dr. Skuse for an informative and interesting presentation about the use of DNA in the court room please contact him at gary@biocomservices.com.